Meet the 7 talented female artists who have bagged the most Grammy awards up to 2023. They're music legends making history!

Beyoncé, also called 'Queen Bey,' holds a record with 32 Grammy Awards, the most for any artist, male or female.

Beyoncé  (32 Awards)

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She's a 52-year-old American bluegrass-country singer and fiddler, boasting 27 Grammy Awards and receiving much praise during her career.

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Alison Krauss (27 Awards)

American singer Aretha Franklin, dubbed the Queen of Soul, passed away in 2018. She won 18 Grammy Awards and sold 75 million records worldwide, making her a top-selling artist.

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Aretha Franklin (18 Awards)

She is a 35-year-old English singer-songwriter who has won 16 Grammy Awards and received widespread praise for her music.

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Adele (16 Awards)

She is a 43-year-old famous American singer-songwriter who has won 15 Grammy Awards and received much praise during her career.

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Alicia Keys (15 Awards)

She is the 59-year-old famous American gospel singer who has won an incredible 15 Grammy Awards, the most ever for a female gospel artist category.

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CeCe Winans (15 Awards)

She is an 81-year-old American audio expert and record maker who earned 14 Grammys, including 7 for Producer of the Year (Classical).

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Judith Sherman (14 Awards)

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