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By Tulika Shreshthi February 07, 2024

Netflix's 2024 slate offers top K-content for fans everywhere! It includes incredible shows, favorite series, diverse movies, and reality programs. Dive into the second quarter (Q2) lineup for 2024!

Yeon Sang-ho's sci-fi series tells how when strange parasites violently seize control of people, humans must fight back to stop the danger from growing. (Coming Soon)

Parasyte: The Grey

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Han Jae-rim's new drama series is about eight people stuck in a mysterious 8-floor building. They play a risky game show for cash as time ticks away. (Coming Soon)

The 8 Show

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Lee Min-soo's new show, a spin-off of Hospital Playlist, follows OB-GYN residents at Jongno Yulje Medical Center, revealing their intense yet heartwarming journeys. (Coming Soon)

Resident Playbook (Working Title)

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Get ready for Jeong Jong-yeon's new reality show, about six excellent "agents of mystery" team up to solve weird stuff science can't explain. It's fun and unique. (Coming Soon)

Agents of Mystery

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Lee Eung-bok's new spooky show, Season 3, starring Song Kang, is full of danger. It's a thrilling monster story from a webtoon. (Coming Soon)

Sweet Home (S3)

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Netflix's exciting new series takes you inside the lavish lives of Korea's super-rich world. Watch luxury cars, fancy clothes, and exclusive parties! Discover a world where wealth meets Korean culture! (Coming in April 2024)

Super Rich in Korea

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Bae Hyeon-jin's new drama series tells how super-smart students at Jusin High School keep things in line. When a mysterious transfer student arrives, their perfect world gets shaken up. (Coming Soon)


Image Credit: Netflix