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By Tulika Shreshthi February 09, 2024

Discover Netflix's 2024 K-Content lineup! Enjoy the best Korean content for the third quarter (Q3), including hit series, diverse movies, and engaging reality shows.

Chung Dong-yoon's latest drama series dazzles with season two, bridging 1945's chaos to 2024 Seoul's vibrancy amidst gripping tales of greed and fate. (Coming Soon)

Gyeongseong Creature S2

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In 2024's upcoming Korean reality show, top South Korean influencers face thrilling social media battles to crown the ultimate online star! (Coming Soon)

The Influencer

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Kim Yong Wan's new political drama unfolds in a gripping clash between a deputy PM of the economy and the PM battling corruption at the top. (Coming Soon)

The Whirlwind

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The upcoming action-comedy movie, filled with thrills and humor, features Kim Woo-bin as martial arts expert Lee Jung-do, who tackles crime with high-tech flair! (Coming Soon)

Officer Black Belt

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A thrilling series by Mo Wan-il and Son Ho-young is about a man's world unraveling when a mysterious woman appears at his motel, challenging his past life. (Coming Soon)

The Frog

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This new cooking contest brings together people from different backgrounds for an intense cooking battle. Not much is known yet, but it's going to be exciting!

Unknown Chefs (Working Title)

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