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Meet Tulika Shreshthi, the talented mind behind MAGZINIO. With a wealth of experience in content management, digital content writing and social media management, she brings a unique blend of skills. She's a versatile creator, from crafting captivating web content to mastering graphic design. Specializing in entertainment media, she knows how to keep her audience engaged. Outside of her blogging pursuits, she's also a proud mother to a lovely daughter. Alongside her responsibilities, she harbours a deep passion for digital art and enjoys listening to music.
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‘Hamburger Hill (1987)’: Classic War Film Scores 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

A must-watch gripping Vietnam War tale 'Hamburger Hill (1987),' the classic '80s

Tulika Shreshthi Tulika Shreshthi

The Office (UK) Star Ewen Ewen MacIntosh, AKA Big Keith, Dies at 50; A Look Back on His Life & Family!

British actor-comedian Ewen MacIntosh, who played Keith Bishop on The Office (UK),

Tulika Shreshthi Tulika Shreshthi