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By Tulika Shreshthi February 15, 2024

Discover Netflix's 2024 K-Content lineup! Enjoy the best Korean content for the fourth/final quarter (Q4), including hit series, diverse movies, and engaging reality shows.

In Kim Byung-woo's upcoming sci-fi disaster movie, it's the final day on Earth. People struggle to rescue a child trapped in a flooded apartment after a global flood.

The Great Flood

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Explore the story of two childhood friends turned enemies, Cheon-yeong, a skilled enslaved person, and Jong-ryeo, his master from a powerful military family, in Kim Sang-man's new thriller film set in the Joseon era post-war chaos.


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Get ready for another season of The Korean Zombie reality series! Survivors battle a zombie virus outbreak to stay alive in this exciting show. (Coming Soon)

Zombieverse S2

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Yeon Sang-Ho's dark fantasy drama series tells about a chaotic world getting darker under hellish rules. Lawyer Min Hyejin and her group face surprises with the resurrections of Chairman Jung Jinsu and Park Jungja. (Coming Soon)

Hellbound S2

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In Hong Johan's comedy-drama mini-series, a man who shouldn't have been born and the world's unhappiest woman travel together on his last adventure. (Coming Soon)

Mr. Plankton

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The super popular dating show on Netflix is returning for Season 4. Watch hot singles hunt for love on a deserted island. They aim to find the perfect match for a romantic night in paradise. (Coming Soon)

Single’s Inferno S4

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Kim Kyu-Tae's drama-mystery series finds a secret wedding service when a trunk washes ashore. It reveals the odd marriage of a couple in a wild tale. (Coming Soon)

The Trunk

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